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Dato’ Seri Dr.Edward

Dato’ Seri Dr.Edward – No1 ASIA MLM Network Marketing Expert Trainer, Speaker, Author, motivational the homework portal speaker, business consultant and sales management professional. He is currently working in collaboration with “Open University Malaysia” to conduct the Certification Program on “Professional Network Marketing” – PNM.

Dato’ Seri Dr.Edward is an Expert in MLM and Network Marketing, is CEO of E-Semangat Helang Sdn Bhd . He is a successful entrepreneur who has spent the last 30 years in the sales and Direct marketing field, and has been blessed to help multitudes of others break numerous records in performance with his powerful “How To Maximize Human Success” training.

Dato’ Seri Dr.Edward has a very simple mission: It is to educate and instruct the Direct Marketer to ignite a Success Inferno in their business and life. The approach to training is fresh, and unique, and is all part of the “Power Bootcamp” that has been specially developed by him over the years. He believes in the philosophy that we were created by God to Succeed, not survive, to live a life of Victory, and not a life of victim-hood.


  • President of E-Semangat Helang Sdn. Bhd.
  • Developed and conducted various Sales Training for various organizations, both essay scholarship locally and abroad, such as Philippines, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Singapore and Malaysia.

List of the books written by Dato’ Seri Dr.Edward on Networking:
1.Raja Di Bidang Jualan
2.Recipe for Success in Network Marketing
3.Mentor Menti 6 AudioTraining Pack
4.Era Baru MLM
5.Pustaka Pertama Jualan Langsung 6 Judul
6.Power 2 Believe “2CD Audio”
7.Kuasa Yakin Diri “2Audio Kaset”

Dato’ Seri Dr.Edward contact Details
Cell Number: 60166651066
Email address:
or skype: bnedward