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If you are starting up a new MLM company, our consultant services can cover all the way from concept to launching or anywhere in between. It depends on your experience and needs.

Creating a new network marketing company can be very challenging, expensive and risky. We help you to reduce the risks and improve on your chances of success by leveraging on our experience and expertise.

Getting the help of an experience and proven consulting team can help save you time and money and avoid common mistakes, and eliminate structural problems that can unknowingly creep into your business due to inexperience.


If you are an existing MLM company and you like to lift your company to greater heights, our consultant services can cover review, analyze, re-align and re-launch all sectors in management including operation, procedures, human resource, compensation plan, software systems, distributor service, training and growth and other areas pertinent to increase sales, productivity, cost efficiency and quality in systems and implementation.

Or if you need us to turn around your company’s performance, we need to carry out a management audit to identify the weaknesses in your company and provide solutions to modify or replace them for better results in management and sales, so that your company can turn around in the shortest time viable.

Summary Of Our Services

Review and Registration

For a new MLM company, we provide advice on correct product selection based on unique features, benefits and marketability and also help you to secure the relevant GMP certificates, product registration and approval with the Health Ministry, Halal certification and other certifications if relevant for the products.

For an existing MLM company, we can help you to review your current product strategy; adding new products if necessary and replacing products that are not getting good sales with more suitable products.

Products that require registration and approval generally fall under the following categories:
• OTC Pharmaceuticals
• Nutritional Supplements
• Traditional Herb Products
• Food & Drinks
• Cosmetic / Skin Care

Compensation Plan

One of the key aspects of setting up a successful network marketing business is the compensation plan. One of your success factors depends critically on having an appropriate compensation plan. We will help you customize an attractive compensation plan appropriate to attract distributor and promote consistent growth.

Distributor Recruiting System

The compensation plan is just one component in contributing distributor’s network growth. Equally important is the recruiting system and its compatibility with the compensation plan to produce motivation, excitement and impetus for success.

Operation & Human Resource

We can help you in the following areas:
• Develop operation policy and procedure
• Staff recruitment and training
• MLM Software design, selection and monitoring
• Distributor service and training
• Advertising, promotions and events

Website Development & Internet Marketing

Websites are no longer an innovation item; it is a basic need. You need a website presence to gain credibility, build image, keep your customers informed, improve customer service and customer support. Internet marketing can target a wider market, cheaper, faster and takes your business beyond geographical products borders and is an online business that brings in more business for you. We can assist you to set up a most dynamic website and provide advice on powerful internet marketing techniques.

MLM Software System

We work with several tested MLM Software providers to customize your program needs based on your budget. Software system enables you to manage your operation processes and marketing programs efficiently. It will cover customizable membership recording features, advanced genealogy tracking, back office reporting, payment and sales transaction, inventory system and bonus calculation modules.