The “Initial Consultation” includes a full day of face-to-face review and discussion of your ideas and concerns if any.

At this stage, we will briefly discuss corporate development plans, product and marketing strategies including an analysis of your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats and other areas of importance that should be considered when opening your new Multilevel Company or re-aligning your company.

With this option we can establish a “comfort level” with you, giving you sufficient information to decide whether you like to engage our consulting services proper.

Once you make a decision to engage our consulting services proper, we will run through with you the individual sections of our MLM Corporate Check List so we can clearly identify and establish the specific areas where services are required.

We appreciate that every company has its unique profile and emotional support animal registration environment, and the services we offer will be tailor made specifically for your individual unique profile and business environment.

Our charge is very reasonable. It can be based purely on fees alone or a combination of fees and royalty. We will be happy to give you a quotation once we are clear on the type and extent of assistance you need for the project.

All information shared with us will be kept by us in the strictest confidence. We work according to international standards. So be assured your information is safe with us.

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