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    We have a vibrant and growing community of entrepreneurs who share a common interest – starting and growing a successful direct selling company. Join the dialogue and stay up to speed on the latest information and trends.
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    Whether you’re a brand new startup or an expansion of an existing business, our system will help you do it right. Why do 8 out of 10 direct selling companies fail? They do not follow the proven best practices that lead to success. We’ll validate your business concept and answer your most pressing questions – no charge!
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The “Free Initial Consultation” includes a full day of face-to-face review and discussion of your ideas and concerns if any.
Our consultant services can cover all the way from concept to launching, or lift your company to greater heights, review, analyze, re-align and re-launch all.
For an international MLM company planning to operate in Malaysia we can provide you with a one-stop-center for all the services you need namely
We are a team of professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the mlm industry covering corporate, marketing, training and product positioning.
About Us


Are you thinking of starting a new MLM company?
Or are you an existing MLM company looking for ways to improve your sales and profits?
Look no further!! We are here to help you.

Starting a new MLM company is never simple. It is easy to start. Anyone can start a company, but will it be successful? Will it make money? Will it last for long?

On the other hand, re-organizing your existing MLM company for success, needs more effort than a new one. It is like golf, where you have to re-align first before you can move ahead correctly.

But it is not impossible for a new or existing MLM company to be successful and even to take a top position in the industry. Several MLM companies have come in to the market every year and did well. There is no reason you cannot be another success story like Amway, Herbalife or Cosway.

What you need is proper planning, design and implementation, all supported by a quality management team and suitable manpower to make it happen. What you need is our "SUCCESS PLATFORM".

Reliable and innovative, our "SUCCESS PLATFORM" will provide professional solutions that will enable your company, large or small, old or new, to reach the highest standards by which others will follow for their success. We will help you to create and maintain consistent sales and profits year after year.

Whether you are planning to start a network marketing company or you are already an owner of an established company, we can help you to maximize your potential for success. With over 30 years of experience in the industry and the last 10 years in consultancy, we have worked with large and small network marketing companies, local and overseas including USA, Australia, Malaysia and some countries in Asia such as Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, India and Vietnam.


Our vision is to be the definitive resource and reliable "partner" for accurate, factual and unbiased information for our customers within the MLM industry. Large or small, we will assist all entrepreneurs serious in their pursuit of building ethical and successful MLM companies.


It is our passion to empower our customers in their pursuit of immediate and long term goals via clear guidance, ground-breaking technology and an unwavering commitment to build systems and strategies that deliver results.


Our purpose is to assist our customers of company owners, distributors, and industry service providers to be successful in the MLM business and to expand their business world-wide, creating a profitable and long term business for all the people involved especially the investors and business owners.